About the artist

Ksenia was born in July 1988 in the city of Zaporozhye (Ukraine). Since 2002, she began self-study of painting. In 2003 she won the All-Ukrainian art competition for children's drawings "Taxes through the eyes of children", was awarded a ticket to the International Children's Center "Artek". In 2008 he became a laureate of the art competition "Strong Ukraine". From 2009 to 2012 visited the private studio "ART'L" of the artist A. K. Sheretov. In 2011 she graduated from the Zaporozhye National Technical University with a degree in Design. In 2010, she created her own series of unique paintings (portraits of musicians and rock performers), made from crumbs of vinyl records and lavsan tapes. From the same year, he uses non-standard materials in painting instead of paints: coffee, cognac, wine. Laureate of the international festivals "Wine Fest -2012" and "Wine Fest -2013", where she presented her paintings made in the technique of wine grisaille and conducted master classes in this painting technique. Since 2012, she has been teaching children painting. On Zaporozhye television, he hosts the program "Charivnitsa". Ksenia is the author of the DrinkArt technique - painting with colored alcohol. Since 2010, she has been holding solo exhibitions of paintings in Ukraine and Europe. On March 24, 2020, she took 2nd and 3rd place in the ART nomination at the Golden Time Talent International Online Art Competition. Season 13, CANADA. He uses a variety of subjects and materials in his work. The artist's works are in private collections in Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Germany, Latvia, USA, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine.

Exhibitions of paintings:

April 21 - 23, 2008 - V International Design Festival "СOW Design Festival" "Cow!") Dnepropetrovsk.

08 - 22 April 2010 - VIII regional youth exhibition-competition "Stepping towards mastery". Exhibition hall of the Zaporozhye organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

19.09 – 05.10 - 2011 personal exhibition "Hurry to color the world with the colors of your soul". Exhibition hall of the Zaporozhye organization of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine.

14 – 16 October 2011 - I specialized exhibition of creativity, needlework, hand-made products. Exhibition pavilion "Kozak-Palace".

April 19 - 24, 2012 - charitable personal exhibition for children of the Zaporozhye educational and rehabilitation center-boarding school "Landmark".

July 11 – 25, 2012 personal exhibition "Orange". Exhibition hall of the Zaporozhye organization of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine.

November 07 - 09, 2012 - "Wine Fest - 2012", exhibition center "KyivExpoPlaza" (Kyiv).

26.11 - 02.12.2012 XII International exhibition-competition "Russian Art Week". Center for Contemporary Art "MARS" (Moscow).

December 12 – 30, 2012 personal exhibition "Mood of Christmas". Exhibition hall of cultural and business center "House of Moscow", Latvia (Riga).

01 July - 10 October 2013 - International exhibition-competition of young artists "GRANT UART" (Kyiv - Paris).

October 15 – 26, 2013 personal exhibition "Life in bright colors". Exhibition hall of the Zaporozhye organization of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine.

November 06 - 08, 2013 - "Wine Fest - 2013", exhibition center "KyivExpoPlaza" (Kyiv).

17.07 - 17.08.2014 - Personal exhibition "Coffee Aroma" and master classes in the technique of coffee illustrations. ZOUNB them. Gorky, 142 Lenin Ave., 5th floor.

31.10. 2014 –31.01. 2015 - Personal exhibition «No music, no life» Author's technique Pop Art - portraits of famous musicians from crumbs of vinyl records and tapes. ZOUNB them. Gorky, 142 Lenin Ave., 4th floor.

19.12.14 – 31.01.15 - Personal exhibition dedicated to the Day of St. Nicholas "Snowy Rainbow". Oil paintings in the naive style from the series "Along the serpentine of childhood". ZOUNB them. Gorky, 142 Lenin Ave., 5th floor.

13.02.2015 – 12.03.2015 - Personal exhibition of paintings in the style of Drink Art for St. Valentine's Day. "Degustation of Feelings". Zaporozhye Regional Museum of Local Lore, st. Chekistov, 29, 2nd floor (transport stop "Magar Theatre").

25.02.2015 – 25.03.2015 - Art exhibition "Premonition". Artistic reflection of Ukrainian events before, during and after Maidan 2013-14. Zaporozhye Regional Art Museum, street of the 40th anniversary of Soviet Ukraine, 76 "b".

03.04.15 – 03.05.15 - Personal exhibition of paintings in the author's technique Drink Art "Harmony of Taste". Zaporozhye Regional Library, "Young Reader", st. Lobanovsky, 14.

29.07.15 – 11.08.15 - Personal exhibition of paintings "Favorites" and a master class on the Drink Art technique. Zaporozhye, МсFoxy, 39 Lenin Ave., 2nd floor.

15.09.15 – 15.10.15 - Personal exhibition of paintings "Palette of Taste" in "Athena-Gallery", Zaporozhye, Metallurgov Ave. 8b.

December 19 – 31, 2016 - "Christmas mood" - an exhibition of paintings for the day of St. Nicholas, Kiev, gallery "House of Pictures", st. Borichev Tok 35a.

20.03.17 - 31.04.17 - Personal exhibition of paintings in the technique of Drink Art, coffee and wine grisaille "Bright flashes of inspiration"", Zaporozhye, ZNTU Library, st. Zhukovsky, 64.

", Zaporozhye, ZNTU Library, st. Zhukovsky, 64. "Tbilisoba 2017" - festival of Ukrainian-Georgian friendship, Kiev, Andreevsky Spusk.

07.12.17 – 07.01.18 - Personal exhibition for the New Year holidays. "Christmas dream". Oil and acrylic paintings in naive style from the series "Along the serpentine of childhood". ZOUNB them. Gorky, 142 Lenin Ave., 5th floor.

28.01.18 - Master class in painting in the style of "Naive" in ZOUNB them. Gorky, 142 Lenin Ave., 5th floor.

2018 - 2019 - Studio of a positive mood - master classes of the author's technique «Coffee Art и Drink Art». Venue: "EVERGREEN" espresso & brew bar, Zaporozhye, 192 Soborny Ave.; "Dobra Kava", Zaporozhye, st. Ladozhskaya 26 (on weekends).

February 14 – 25, 2020 - Personal exhibition of paintings "Love in all manifestations". Zaporozhye Tourist Information Center, 151 Soborny Ave.

March 24 2020 - 2nd and 3rd place in the ART nomination at the International Online Competition of Artists «Golden Тime Talent». Season 13, CANADA.

August 24-30, 2022 - An exhibition of paintings and holding master classes in the technique of "Coffe Art" at the festival "Ukrainian hive". Bulgaria, Sofia, Yuzhen park.

Some of the works presented are collected in private collections in Sweden, in Germany the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Latvia, Latvia, the USA, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine.

About the author's technique "Drink Art".

1. In one of your interviews, you said that you were bored at school, and that it was not for you. How were your years of study? What did you distract yourself with? Did you study well?

“Bored” and “Not mine” are two completely different, in my opinion, concepts. Studying was never boring for me, on the contrary, the years spent at the university seem to me one of the most interesting periods in my life. You are still young and great horizons are opening up before you, and with them comes responsibility for the choice you have made. For me, this was the age when there was no family yet, there was no work, there was no certainty how life would turn out in the future. Everything lived in the present moment. And that was the beauty! Dreams about the future, constant travel, noisy companies, and lots and lots of painting... Wherever I was, and no matter how busy I was, I always found time for painting. She gave me real pleasure. That is why by the end of the training I had a clear confidence that I would always write. That's why I chose art over design.

2. How did you get the idea to start painting coffee and alcoholic drinks?

It all started spontaneously, during a trip to Latvia in 2010. Usually when I travel, I always took an album or a sketchbook with me to sketch the stories I liked. At that time, all the materials were left at home, in Zaporozhye. After a week of travel, I was very homesick for the letter. I lived in a multi-storey building on the outskirts of the forest. Rain and bad weather outside the window did not allow me to go to the city for paints ... That's how my new direction was born from the restriction.I started looking for something that would leave a mark on paper, but there were no pens and pencils or paper in the apartment. And so, without thinking twice, I brewed coffee and painted the plain wallpaper of the room. For me, it was an interesting pastime and that’s all, I didn’t think about the consequences until the end of the work. Oddly enough, the owner of the apartment took the renovation of the wall with delight. After that, I started painting coffee pictures and showing them at my exhibitions. Approximately in the same way, traveling around the Odessa region, I discovered a new material for writing pictures - red wine. After that, at the international festival Wine Fest, she presented an exhibition of paintings in the technique of wine grisaille and held a series of master classes. Soon, realizing that you can paint pictures with anything that leaves a mark on paper, the idea arose to use alcoholic beverages of various colors instead of material. This author's technique was given the name "Drink Art".

3. Do you buy high-end drinks and coffee for your paintings?

Differently. Some of my paintings are made with house wine. And sometimes customers themselves provide the material (wine, coffee or other alcoholic beverage).

4. Which of your paintings would you call your favorite?

"Star Lion" This is one of the few works that fills me with energy. I wrote it 3 years ago, and while it has not yet found its happy owner, so maybe I'll keep it for myself.

5. Are there works in your arsenal that you will never sell? What is it connected with?

There are no such jobs. I like the process of creating a picture, not the end result, so after painting, I'm ready to let go of each of them. Initially, sitting down to the picture, I already assume that I am painting it not for myself, but for the viewer. It is important for me that the picture finds its place in this world and fulfills its purpose.

6. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Fortunately, the state when “artists are waiting for the Muse, but she still does not come” is not known to me. Hundreds of stories come to mind that should be written, but, unfortunately, you do not have time to write even a few of them. Change of mood entails a change of plot. It happens that you sit down to write one thing, and finish something completely different. In one picture, the plot, along with images and colors, can dance endlessly, flowing from dark to light or from cheerful to languid. Therefore, lately, sitting down at a painting, I don’t think in advance what will be on it, but wait until the canvas itself tells me.

7. What countries have you traveled to?

The first country I visited, thanks to my painting, was Azerbaijan. The famous volleyball player Polina Ragimova ordered a painting from me with horses running across the field, and I flew to Baku to hand it over personally. Still, having fallen in love with the Baltic States, I returned there many times. Once in order to organize an exhibition of his paintings there. Then there was Poland. Countries received me generously and joyfully. But once I was faced with a situation when, while carrying my paintings across the Belarusian border, we were incorrectly detained. It was a funny situation. At first, everything went smoothly, we went through the whole procedure, and already at the exit, the customs officer handed us our passports, but did not let them go. When we tried to take them, he said with a smirk, "It's strange ... There are 35 pictures, and they have one cargo space." One cargo space was quite logical, since all the paintings easily fit on one seat of our car. Therefore, we tried to object, but you can’t really argue with a customs officer in uniform, with weapons and on duty. The incident of this whole situation is that only a truck can have 35 cargo places. And to us, with all the ensuing consequences, it was announced that our little Volkswagen Polo is a truck. With a black stamp in the passport, they canceled our entry, forcing us to leave and go through the whole procedure again, but after the trucks. It was absurd even for the customs officials themselves. For more than a day we stood at the window, without the opportunity to eat and sleep, and no one knew what to do with us.Workers kept running to each other for advice, taking out thick books of legislation and reading something in them for hours, but I’m generally silent about the procedures intended for trucks ... For example, scales weighing loads, our car was not seen at all. In general, we were impressed for a long time. After this incident, I stopped traveling with paintings, and sent them in absentia to international exhibitions in various countries. In addition, almost half of the paintings sold went abroad, so in various cities and countries they already live their own independent lives.

8. In one interview you said that when an Italian burst into tears because you couldn't sell him a painting and then you had to give it away. Do you find it very difficult to be tough?

I don't know a single artist with a hard, tough character. I think all creative people are soft.

9. Do you have a painting that you have been working on for many years, like many famous artists?

There were several paintings that were written for a couple of years. But this does not mean that for 2 years every day you work only on this picture. There are breaks. Sometimes it is not possible to “enter” the picture, to feel it, and you remove the picture, turn it away to the wall and let it rest, sometimes for other technical reasons, for example, pasty applied strokes of oil in cold damp weather can dry for several weeks.

10. Did your parents advise you to enter a music school or is it your choice?

The choice was solely mine. But as you can see, I did not connect my fate with music.

Have you fulfilled your desire to create a winter garden?

In progress. We are in the process of creating it.

12. As a creative person, are you often emotionally quick-tempered?

I think no. It seems to me that irascibility is not inherent in me at all. Although this question should be asked to people close to me who constantly interact with me. It's hard to evaluate yourself from the outside. Any assessment, by anyone, is always subjective.

13. What is the cost of your paintings? Do you often get commissioned to draw something specific or do you only paint when you have inspiration?

Different prices. 90% of my paintings I write outside of orders, for pleasure.Later, getting acquainted with them at exhibitions or in the workshop, people find their native images or themes. The remaining 10% are specific orders.

14. What are your plans for the future? Perhaps a large-scale exhibition?

There are many plans, I hope they will be implemented in the near future.

15. Will you decide on which life path to send your child or will you allow him to choose his own path to the future?

Of course, each of us should have freedom of choice.

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